About US

Shambala Sistas Soozi and Tracey, have brought their down-to-earth nature, years of skills in counselling and facilitating bodywork, dream analysis, meditation, yoga, chakra balancing, dream coaching and seeking.

They are, as humanitarians (and mums, sistas and friends) offering a very different type of Women’s retreat. Nothing is expected of you. What you find and take away from this retreat is totally up to the individual.
A sacred space is created amongst women to facilitate the answers you may be seeking.

You, the seeker, decide your course.

meet the team


With over 30 years of experience in the world of Soul Searching and personal transfirmation..
Tracey Ann has had her fair share of suffering and sorrow, leading her on a never ending journey to find Herself!
Wanderlust led her to Bali in the late 1970s
Facing cancer set the stage to stopping a manic lifestyle and train in many modalities listed here
Qualified Massage Therapist
Qualified rebirther and Trainer Water rebirthing
Body Harmony
Aura Soma colour therapy
Crystal healer
Reiki healer 1and 11
Tm meditation
Creating and running highly successful *Imagine* workshops.
Tracey Gets what your going through.
Realizing now more than ever before, women must come together as Sistas in Sisterhood.
For ourselves as well as the healing of our planet is in our hands.
Also Tracey loves to dance!!!