Welcome to Bali Shambala Retreats

Are you ready to drop the bundle and baggage of everday life????
Shambala Sistas have designed this retreat for Women of all ages, sizes, creeds and beliefs to come together as Sistas in the beautiful safe nurturing island of Bali, known for its spirituality and smiles!

Gentle Stretching
Easy Meditation

Shambala Sistas have designed fun, easy to do stretching and meditation routines for all shapes and sizes to refresh, rejuvenate and do at home.

Sacred Circle

It is so important for women to talk and let it all out.  If we don't share our deep concerns, fears, dreams and wishes in a safe confidential space we perish.  Or worse ..create illness in our body and live unhappy, unfulfilled lives.  Shambala Sistas create that safe secure space to realise dreams and release fears.


How good is it having someone cook for you? We love that! Meals that are fresh..tasty and delicious.


What are you waiting for?

The time is NOW!!

So.......so say to yourself......YEP!......I need a week away in Tropical Bali to just stop, breathe in the smell of incense and frangipanis and connect with like minded Shambala Sistas.

Time out to...Share, laugh, dream, let go, receive......reconnect with YOU and Dream.

Time out to....Leave the humdrum behind.

As women we need to honour and connect with our sisterhood. We do so much alone.....Nurture, Help, Support.

When women come together as a group and share in a sacred space, deep genuine healing happens spontaneously because we are all calling out to Connect.

Shambala Sisters are here for you girls.  We are here for you from the time you arrive till the time you leave us.

With daily Sacred Space Sessions to bring you to your authentic Self.  What's an Authentic Self or person you may ask?  Its You...the real You...Hiding behind the daily routine chores and business..so you never get a chance to touch that place of authenticity.

Now you do. The retreat focuses on managing emotions energy relationships/And how to clearly express those emotions,  We are too afraid to express..and the toxic relationships many women get drawn into.

Tracey Ann combine her skills through years of training and teaching to make YOU.....NOW..
Whatever is going on for you as Sistas...ALRIGHT!!!!!!
To become at Peace with it.

Shambala Sistas are passionate about our retreat. Shambala Sistas love to have fun and see the remarkable organic changes that occur effortlessly in all our sistas that participate in the retreat.