why we do this?

7 day shambala sistas womens retreat.....7 days of nurturing, connecting and becoming more aware of Our Needs.  Opening up to change, leaving the drama in our lives far behind.

Get pampered, get heard, get validated.  Explore with eyes wide open and become real, authentic and down to earth.  Open up and bloom to expand from the You that you think you know to the new You lying dormant, waiting to be given permission to unleash.

When life gets too hard we do our utmost to hang on to what’s not working.  Same routine, different day.  We hang on for dear life knowing we must change before anything else can but not finding the courage to make that change.

SO DENIAL is not just a RIVER IN EGYPT, it’s a comfortable place to stay when everything around you is falling apart.  But one day something SNAPS!!!  And what we gain in that moment of In-Light-en-moment is

We see flashes of our life and have realisations about ourselves that we would rather not see in our old patterns and defence mechanisms that haven’t served us.

We see the lengths we go to avoid what’s going on . FOOD ...SUGAR...ALCOHOL....PHONE...COMPUTER...PORN...SEX...DRUGS...ESCAPISM.  We see instead of swimming in our vast sea of emotional turmoil we have been doing every little thing we can to avoid it.
We avoid it so we are not perceived as Weak Vulnerable women.  And while we are crumbling inside we will do anything to avoid sinking to the depths of feeling the feeling.  That feeling that will bring us face to face with everything about ourselves we cannot face.

We are not Authentic until we dedicate and commit to OURSELVES in a safe nurturing environment to fully explore discover and accept Us as we are Now.